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Wema ni kweli anavuta Bangi??? Alex John Luketa 

Virginia International University students and alumni are passionate about business, technology, innovation, and bringing change to their communities. One of our most passionate alumni is Alex John Luketa from Tanzania, whose passion is connecting African students with education opportunities in the US at VIU. Having graduated with an MBA in International Business Management, one of Alex’s most important lessons learned during his time at VIU was “you will not win if you don’t try.” This principle was true for Alex throughout his career – first, when he applied to VIU and was accepted, and then when, in an effort to improve his business and communication skills, he applied for an on-campus position. When Alex applied for a VIU scholarship, he succeeded! “I realized that at VIU everything is possible; it is possible to meet diverse students, experienced professors, and gain global connections,” said Alex of his success.

Alex is excited about sharing that success with other students who just need that last little push to realize that wherever they come from, they too can apply to VIU, study hard, and succeed. As a student, Alex became a country representative for Tanzania, connecting academic institutions in his home country with VIU. 

He even traveled to Tanzania and met with representatives of many universities, as well as students, teachers, and parents, to answer their questions and encourage young people to pursue their dreams, just like he did. Recently, Alex has expanded his role to connect students not just in Tanzania but throughout Africa by helping them to apply to VIU so they too get a chance at an excellent American degree. Alex sums it up perfectly: “I have learned a lot from VIU, and I have discovered that many people fail because they don’t try. If we can learn how to try whenever we see an opportunity, it is possible to achieve what we want to achieve. 

I also believe that the education I have attained should not simply be a diploma, but go beyond that. The community in which I am living should benefit through my knowledge, so that I may inspire the young generation to believe in education and opportunity.” And we at VIU are proud that we have Alex, such a motivated, passionate individual serving as VIU’s own African bridge to education.

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