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Wema ni kweli anavuta Bangi???

 Come in for the grand tour: Mr. Mlatie Assey (centre left) who is the Managing director
seems to say during the official launch of Club 777 in Kawe, Dar es Salaam. Centre right is
Heineken Tanzania’s Country Manager Michael Mbungu ushering guests (not in picture) present
during the launch.

Heineken Tanzania Country Manager Michael Mbungu (first from left in grey suit) is all
smiles as Mr. Mlatie Assey gives a toast to signify the launch of a new hotspot in town Club 777 
which located in Kawe, Dar es Salaam.


 The unique Heineken® sports lounge will target football fans and Heineken® 
consumers in Tanzania and will offer unparalleled live viewing of the UEFA 
Champions League.
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania February 22nd 2015: The new Heineken® Club 777 
Sports Lounge at Kawe in Dar es Salaam, which officially opened its doors to the 
public over the weekend, aims to keep consumers and sports fans up to date with 
live action from all the major sporting events around the world. The Heineken Club 
777 Lounge is the first of its kind in Tanzania. 
Situated at a residential area near the beach, it also offers a relief for the consumer 
who wants to relax and enjoy away from the hustle of the city. The Club 777 Lounge 
puts a strong emphasis on sports coverage and customers can keep connected and 
up to date with the latest scores and all the action with live screenings throughout 
the venue, which is complemented by more general entertainment through the 
many display screens.
Speaking during the launch of the Club HEINEKEN Tanzania Country Manager Mr. 
Michael Mbungu commented: “Bringing this premium brand experience to Dar es 
Salaam with a world-class brand and in an innovative business-class-lounge style 
concept is a powerful example of our commitment to delighting consumers and adding 
new dimensions to the Heineken fresh and unexpected approach of partnerships. We 
partnered with the bar as it fits within our brand profile and ambition. ‘We aim to 
create exciting worldly experiences to consumers by interacting with them in a way 
Heineken® can do.  
“The Heineken Lounge is a new and refreshing experience for Dar es salaam 
consumers and patrons, with all the convenience and benefits of a traditional bar 
and with the opportunity to escape from the hustle with complimentary Wi-Fi and 
power points to recharge phones and laptops, and complimentary daily 
newspapers.’’ Added Mr. Mlatie Assey, CEO of the Club.
The Lounge offers cold Heineken as well as a broad selection of other alcoholic and 
non-alcoholic beverages, alongside gourmet snacks and light meals.