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Wema ni kweli anavuta Bangi???

Leo ni birthday ya mshindi wa Big Brother Africa 2014, Idris Sultan.

Kupitia pongezi alizopewa na swahiba yake wa Afrika Kusini, Samantha Jay, tumegundua kitu – isingekuwa tofauti ya kidini kati yao, Idris angefikiria kumfanya mrembo huyo mke wake.

Soma pongezi hizo ndefu za Samantha hapo chini:

After the stunt you pulled on my birthday . I now feel like I need to write a poem and have it co written by the likes of Maya Angelo and post it on a Billboard .May her soul rest in peace . But since she’s not around I figured I only have my ‘talents’ and honesty to depend on . Happy Birthday !!! The day we met properly was the day you asked me if I’ll marry a Muslim and I said no while laughing deep down cause I knew you were Muslim you then walked away and said kill yourself . I knew then even though we in a show nothing about you was scripted.

You are one of the most sincere, genuine, kind hearted , funniest ,humbled sinners I know and even though you can be a douche sometimes I appreciate that. You’ve become a part of my life and I can’t go a day without talking to you, most of the time one telling the other ‘Kill yourself” You make me laugh even if I don’t want to. You have my back even when i don’t expect it or feel I deserve it. You show me right from wrong.

You understand me which I don’t know how. Cause I sometimes don’t understand myself . The truth of the matter is you still keep me sane So I really don’t have a choice but to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more. Cause quite frankly who else is gona do all of that for one person so I kinda need you around . And in turn you can trust that I’ll always have your back no matter what . I’ll always be here when the world looks tough Always try my best to keep that stupid smile . And give up a couple of shillings just to hear you laugh. Love you for all the things you never knew you were doing God Bless. Happy Birthday Idris.”